Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sweet Sweet Pea's

This week with Nicola's group we have been sowing Sweet pea's in pots.

We have collected the seeds from Sweet Pea's we grew. 

To encourage germination I soaked them overnight. Which causes them to swell making them a bit easier to handle.

First we removed any lumps from the multi purpose compost. 

Mixed in the perlite. 

Over filled the pots and struck them off. 

Gave them a tap and gently pressed the seed into the compost. 

We sowed five per pot and then gently covered the loose compost over the seed. 

Finally, we labelled them and left them in a water bath. Fingers crossed we should have some super strong scented Sweet Pea's.

Winter Pansy's

This week, with penny’s group we potted on the winter pansy plugs.

Taking time to mix the compost and perlite.

Then using the scoop method filling the pot.

Popped them in a water bath. They will go into a sunny space in the greenhouse.

Helen did a great job potting on the rest of the plugs into trays.

Once we have grown them on we will be planting them out in one of our raised beds for some winter colour. 

What we have left we will sell at the school winter fayre.

Apple Juice Pressing

We took the apples collected last week from the school to woodbury community orchard apple pressing day.

First we had to wash, cut up the apples. 

Next you shred them, and then squash them. 

Hey presto apple juice.

The pulp makes great compost.

We tried the apple juice at school...

it was a little strong for some but generally a success

Leaves and Wildflowers


This week with Matthew's help, we have been tackling the large amount of leaves falling especially as we are in the process of preparing the wildflower meadow for more sowing.

We are composting all leaves collected.We have two piles one shredded for leaf mulch and another unshredded for the hedgehogs, other wildlife and mini beasts.

We have started preparing the wildflower meadow, scarifying and raking it. For more seed sowing later this month.

Also, we took the opportunity to do a much needed job and strip back the Torbay Palm (Cordyline Australis) taking out a damaged trunk.

We are continuing to harvest the last of the vegetables. 

And starting the much needed job of clearing the beds in preparation for planting and sowing.

Finally, we are collecting seed, sunflowers are great for this purpose.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Potatoes in bags

This week Nathan did a great job getting hands on. And I can announce the winner of the WESC sunflower growing competition.... wait for it...

This year nathan planted main crop potatoes in a bag. To start with we chitted seed potatoes in cool light place to encourage the tuber to sprout.

Then we planted a third deep in the bag. The reason for planting in a bag is to make it easier for us to lift at waist height. Also you reduce the potential damage to the potato when lifting as you can use your hands.

This year was a bit of an experiment that we can safely say was a success so I think next year Nathan will be doing a couple more bags.

Also, we lifted the last of our onions which Nathan also planted.

Finally a big congratulations to Tim who won the Sunflower growing competition.

His prize is to deliver a masterclass on giant sunflower growing and share with the students his secrets to propagation and how best to sow seed to ensure success!!

Sunny Mornings

It has been a surprisingly sunny week at WESC making it possible to crack on with lots of jobs. 

Nicola's group got hands on harvesting the last of the vegetables. 

Starting off at the raised beds.

Louie did a great job doing some much needed weeding and checked the progress of our sweetcorn

and squashes.

Then we moved inside picking Chillies, Tomatoes

Squashes or gourds, courgettes and what is more accurately described as a marrow.

Then we moved on to smelling and tasting some of what we had picked.

What was left we delivered to the kitchen.

Great Job everyone!